Top Chinese, German researcawareness bracelets canadahers exchange findings at scientific forum

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Peking University. [Photo/IC]

Top scientists from leading Chinese universities and Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, converged in Beijing for the fourth Scientific Forum at Peking University on Thursday.

Some 150 researchers in life sciences, geology and environmental sciences, economics, and social sciences from China and Germany will present their latest findings and engage in interdisciplinary discussions at the three-day event.

It is the first time PKU has hosted the annual forum, which rotates annually between Chinese universities and LMU.

"We"re proud and happy that PKU, one of the best and most highly regarded of all Chinese universities, has agreed to hold the fourth Scientific Forum," said professor Hans van Ess, LMU"s vice-president for international affairs.

"For LMU, China is a strategically important partner, and we intend to intensify our cooperation with its leading universities in the coming years."

Ye Jingyi, vice-chair of PKU"s university council, said the discussions between Chinese and German researchers certainly lead to more exchanges and collaborations in various fields.

LMU and several Chinese universities founded the LMU-China Academic Network in 2015. The network includes 10 of China"s leading universities, including PKU, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Fudan University.

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